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An Anthology
from Obsidian Books


Short story
Paranormal Mystery

Mariah will do almost anything to save her cafe. When several people are found dead with her cupcakes in their mouths, she's sure her and her cafe have nothing to do with it. But truth often hides in the shadows.

All proceeds go to Gary Sinise Foundation, an organization that does many wonderful things for our country's active military, its veterans, and the countless first responders who sacrifice so much to keep us safe.

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Short Story
YA Historical Fiction

Left in the ruins of WWII, a 17-year-old girl fights for survival.

This fictional story is based on a little known historical event, where hundreds of young women left families, friends and all they knew in search of survival.

(UBooks bring the written word together with music composed originally for the story to enhance the reading experience)


MG and YA Superhero Stories (for girls)
Melusine Muse Press
November 22, 2013
127 pages

(All proceeds from this anthology go to the internation charity foundation 'Because I am a Girl. . .', which assists girls in third world countries.)

Girls are under-represented when it comes to superhero movies, toys and other merchandise. This wonderful group of authors decided to do something about it. Within these pages, you will find stories of female superheroes to enchant and delight. You will read all about their powers and their masked identities and then get to read a short story that gives you insight into who they are or who they will become. You’ll find action, adventure, magic and betrayal. You’ll find everyday female heroes, as well as super-powered heroines and devious villains. From friendly encounters to government conspiracies, 27 new superheroes, all FEMALE superheroes, can be found represented in these stories, written by 24 talented authors.


  1. Quite an amazing collection to add to one's personal library someday. Best wishes!

  2. I didnt know you write!
    Short stories have always been so very hard for me to write!
    I know a certain 10 year old who will be devouring these books shortly.
    oh wait, is it almost Christmas? Im thinking I finally found some books she hasnt read yet, that she'll love! :)


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